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Standard FAQs
What do I need to do to get started?

Grant us access to your carrier invoices and we'll do the rest. It’s that simple.

How much can I save by using your service?

Your Service Audit savings will depend on factors such as number of packages shipped, service type selected, package destination, commercial/residential mix, and overall package handling costs. Typically, we are able to recover 2-10% of your parcel carrier spend with our Service Audit. Fiscal Audit savings are typically driven by the carrier(s) you use and how you share your billing data with them. The more manual this process is, the more erroneous your freight bills will be (therefore, the higher your savings will be). Freight Cost Optimization savings are typically significant, in the 7-15% range, depending on your internal routing flexibility. Contract savings are a function of your company’s ability to see the broader market and utilize benchmarks to secure best in-class rates. We see clients on both ends of the savings spectrum here.

Since recovery is unpredictable, we follow a ‘gain share’ model, only charging our clients for a portion of the savings we deliver. No Savings, No Charge... ever.

I run a small business. How can your services help my business?

You don’t need to have a large corporation to generate big savings on your transportation spend. With Shipment Trackers, we can help your small business by:

What are some examples of commonly committed carrier shipping errors?

The most frequently committed carrier errors we encounter are late deliveries, duplicate billings, incorrect freight classification, typos of all sorts (shipment weights, item counts, zip codes, class, etc.), improper application of payer terms, improperly voided shipments, invalid surcharges/fees, bogus address correction charges, and issues with lost and damaged shipments.

Is my data safe?

We have an in-house network and security services provider that maintains our systems to protect sensitive client data. We are always willing to sign NDAs upon request.

Will working with Shipment Trackers affect my discounts with UPS, FedEx, and other carriers?

No. Rates and discounts are protected by carrier agreements. You will not face negative consequences from carriers as a result of working with Shipment Trackers.

Is there a contract for your service or a fixed fee?

We don’t have subscription fees or impose contractual obligations on our clients. We also maintain no upfront costs, monthly fees, or hidden charges. Our only fees are a percentage of the actual savings we secure for our clients.

Can you audit ground shipments or inbound shipments?

Ground, residential, and inbound packages are all eligible for auditing and refunds. If a charge appears on your invoice, it goes on our radar for savings.

As you strive to make informed decisions about your shipments, remember that Shipment Trackers can help. We’re eager to work with small businesses like yours and show you the tools and processes that can help reduce your transportation spend and drive cost from your business.

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