Our Process

What You Do

Grant us access to your carrier invoices...all of them. Our team can utilize various invoice retrieval methods to collect your carrier invoices. Online billing platforms, EDI, web portals, emailed invoice files; they are all the same to us. Our fully automated collection process integrates directly with your carriers to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Share your carrier contracts with us. Trust us... the small print matters! Our Audit team will review your carrier contracts and enter all the necessary billing parameters into our audit platform. This simple step creates the backbone of our audit and optimization services.


Sit back and relax. Sounds good right? You can rest easy knowing no detail is too small. The Shipment Trackers team is on a mission to reduce your transportation costs... every charge, every invoice, every day, all the time!


What We Do

Create the data. Our internal process extracts and stores every line item from every invoice and supporting document that comes our way. Then, we layer in the transit and delivery data that we retrieve from your carriers. Finally, we organize those comprehensive data elements into a reporting database that is second to none. In the end, we are sitting on a mountain of data!


Crunch the numbers... our specialty! Our audit platforms does the math to ensure all invoiced charges appear just as your contract stipulates. Next, we unleash our team of audit pros to make sure the rest of what could go wrong doesn't go wrong. We pour through the data looking for every savings opportunity.


Code and pay... the easy way! At Shipment Trackers, we apply a valid general ledger code(s) to every carrier invoice based upon your unique set of business rules. Don't have a fully comprehensive set of cost accounting rules?...don't worry, our web based Invoice Payment Module allows authorized users to interactively assign GL codes to quickly handle any one off situation. Pay when you want, how you want.


Find the money! Your carrier makes mistakes and they are costly. Using innovative technology, our team of experts will deliver maximum savings by ensuring each carrier invoice is correct. If something is wrong, we make it right by working directly with your carriers to fix the underlying issues. All found money goes directly into your pocket...No Savings, No Charge!


Unleash the power of the data! We share our Business Intelligence tools so you can identify trends and forecast outcomes. Use our online, interactive dashboards to visualize key aspects of your shipping costs. Our customized solutions provide finished work to save your team valuable time.


Be there for you, for whatever. No project is out of scope. Our team is nimble and ready to deploy solutions that work for you. Need something, just ask!