UPS & FedEx Refunds Are Back!

Don’t stand for late deliveries, improper shipping charges, or damaged packages. Take advantage of UPS refunds and FedEx refunds! It’s simple – let us audit your UPS and FedEx invoice to discover ways your business can stop throwing money down the shipping drain and start recovering refund credits today!

Recover Lost Money in your Shipping Budget
Our Promise: No Savings, No Charge.

At Shipment Trackers, helping clients find and recover lost money in their shipping and transportation budgets is our passion. When it comes to identifying and recovering UPS and FedEx refunds, our proprietary FedEx and UPS invoice auditing platform seamlessly evaluates every shipment you make to ensure every package was delivered on time, damage free and with the proper services and attributes applied.

If we find an error, we make it right and recover those costs for you. The best part? We only get paid when we find lost money for you, so there’s no risk to see the savings you could be missing out on. Plus, getting setup takes just a few minutes and there are no long-term contracts. No risks, just rewards.

With Shipment Trackers UPS and FedEx auditing specialists on your side, expect a team who will:

  • Audit all shipments against service commitments (both parcel and freight invoices)
  • Manage claims processing for damaged and lost shipments
  • Secure refund credits with UPS and/or FedExIf you’re looking for opportunities to stop the leaks in your transportation drain, get in touch. From securing UPS and FedEx late delivery refunds to spotting when carriers have applied the wrong fees, we find the savings and recover them for you.

Why should I bother with a UPS and FedEx invoice audit?

No one is perfect—including your small package carrier. Even when your carrier operates at its best, they will fail to meet their commitment to you (and your customers) 3% to 4% of the time. At Shipment Trackers, we use our FedEx and UPS audit software to research every shipment you make—24 hours a day, 365 days a year—and perform a shipping audit on the service you receive against the guaranteed standard. Our proprietary FedEx and UPS auditing technology affords the visibility needed to secure your savings and hold your carriers accountable.


How does it work? Effortlessly in the background, that's how.

Our custom-developed, automated auditing software collects your weekly invoice(s) directly from UPS Billing Center and FedEx Billing Online. Our process identifies any late deliveries, carrier invoicing errors, invalid surcharges, lost shipments, and rate compliance issues.

When we find an error (large or small) we contact UPS or FedEx on your behalf and secure the savings. Once your UPS and FedEx invoice audit is complete, we can consolidate, GL code, and pay the carrier invoices on your behalf or simply notify you with the results. Best of all, you won’t have to face weekly minimums, fixed fees, or service charges associated with our audit. We only get paid (through sharing the resulting FedEx and UPS refunds) when we recover lost money for you. Simply put: No Savings. No Charge.


What Does Each Service Audit Client Receive?

Shipment Trackers delivers the following service audit data items to clients:

  • Summary level package metrics by carrier and service level
  • UPS and/or FedEx service performance reports
  • Weekly spend breakdown and analysis
  • Billing reports detailing refunded packages and carrier chargeback and rebill data,
    including carrier late fee penalties
  • Address correction details
  • Supporting documentation for all contingent billing

Additionally, Shipment Trackers provides service performance reports by region so that
you can better understand carrier performance from region to region.


Why Work with Shipment Trackers for UPS and FedEx refunds?

We help our clients understand their small package carriers contract language and
advise them how that language can impact their service audit and recovery. Our
decades of shipping audit experience combined with our bench-marking model ensures
that our clients enjoy the best possible discounts without compromising on their service

Check out our recent blogs on the top shipping tips for small businesses and common carrier errors to learn more about how shipping and carrier errors could be costing you.

Want to learn more? Ready to see what you could be saving? Check out our success stories to see how we’ve helped clients save time and money as part of their shipping team and get in touch. We would love to learn about your business and discuss how we can help you recoup lost shipping dollars.


What Impacts my Savings?

When evaluating your average refund credit, keep the following in mind:

  • What carrier are you using for shipping?
  • What shipping service level have you selected?
    You’ll note a significant difference between residential ground delivery and a first overnight express shipment.

On average, Shipment Trackers helps our clients secure ground refunds of about 2% of their spend. Express refunds can range between 5 to 7%.


Let Us Find the Money for You

Contact Shipment Trackers to learn more about our support for service audits and recovery.