On Your Team, Not Your Payroll

Everyone can use some help with carrier invoice payment and cost accounting. Let Shipment Trackers take over the tedious routine of collecting, coding, and paying your carrier invoices. Our dynamic backend system combines with our client facing Invoice Payment Module to provide a seamless approach to your payables process. As part of your fully customizable service, you can expect these core features and a whole lot more.

  • Weekly consolidation of carrier invoices
  • Custom ledger coding and data file options
  • Carrier invoice payment
  • Access to our interactive, cloud-based invoice management tool
  • Monitoring for carrier open invoice reports
  • Pay when you want, how you want

What Are the Features of the Shipment Trackers Online Invoice Payment Module?

Shipment Tracker’s Online Invoice Payment Module provides users a single location to manage all carrier invoice activity while streamlining and enhancing the payment process. A quick overview of the modules core functionality is described below:

  • All data fields within application can be sorted via a functional header row
  • Invoices can be disputed and approved for payment from one central location
  • Provides various levels of filtering, including but not limited to: invoice status, carrier, account number, payer and location/grouping/divisional assignment
  • Allows the user to review and edit general ledger coding
  • Documents the approval and payment process so the user knows if and when invoices
    have been paid, and who authorized them for payment
  • Secure, web-based emailing of carrier invoice and payment notes directly from the
  • Carrier invoices can be reviewed and saved as PDFs
  • Data can be exported in various conventional formats
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What Options Can Shipment Trackers Offer for Custom Ledger Coding and Transactional Data Files?

At Shipment Trackers, data is what we do. We partner directly with our clients to customize a solution that meets their unique system needs. Our business intelligence team can tailor a data file that contains fully coded accounting work in any number of conventional formats. Let Shipment Trackers reduce your administrative costs and save you time with a more automated approach to your cost accounting.


Invoice Receipt and Data Capture

Collecting freight bills from your carrier(s) can occur in a variety of ways. Most carriers prefer to either email us PDF copies of your freight bills or they choose to post EDI files to our secure FTP site. Regardless of the method they choose, Shipment Trackers manages the entire process on your behalf. Once the invoice and it's supporting documentation are received, Shipment Trackers uses them to create a comprehensive database of information that is fundamental to the processing, audit, and reporting functions of our service.


Systematic Cost Accounting

Accurate cost allocation is an important component of every freight payment process. At Shipment Trackers, we apply a valid general ledger code(s) to every carrier invoice based upon your particular set of business rules. Don't have a fully comprehensive set of cost accounting rules? Don't worry. Our web-based Invoice Payment Module allows authorized users to interactively assign GL codes to handle any one-off situation.


Carrier Funding

After we’ve audited and coded all of your carrier invoices, Shipment Trackers creates a consolidated funding request that details everything needed to pay your carriers. The frequency that these requests are created, along with the corresponding funding and payment cycle, is completely customizable. Pay when you want, how you want: ACH, EFT or check. It's all the same to us. Have carrier-specific payment terms? No problem. We can incorporate those terms into your service, maximizing your cash flow.


Can Shipment Trackers Help Me Automate My Invoice Payment and GL Coding Processes?

Invoice payment and GL coding are generally manual processes with invoice consolidation occupying a significant amount of time. Within your business, you could have several carriers, multiple accounts, and different shipping locations. In some cases, you may be doing work at each shipping location you manage.

With Shipment Trackers, you benefit from a process that eliminates manual work and offers a vision of your overall transportation spend.


Let Us Find the Money for You

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