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Are You Receiving the Lowest Rate Possible From Your Carrier Contracts?

You may think that you’re getting the best rates based on what your carrier representative tells you. But how is your contract actually performing for you and your customers?

Find out how you can easily save money on your annual shipping costs by having Shipment Trackers help you with your carrier contract negotiations.


How Can Shipment Trackers Help Me with Managing My Carrier Contracts?

Did you know that the team at Shipment Trackers can boast 145 combined years of industry experience? We blend our in-depth transportation knowledge and our broad view of the marketplace with our powerful analytics platform to provide you with actionable data. This approach helps you target contract details that have both the potential to perform better and a greater chance of carrier approval. You bring the contracts; Shipment Trackers will crunch the numbers and secure the savings.


What’s Involved with Data Modeling Proposed Carrier Agreements?

Want to measure, down to the penny, the performance of your current carrier contract(s) against a new carrier proposal? With Shipment Trackers, you can. We can load your contracts and pending offers into our system and forecast how those rate changes will impact your bottom line.

Our model-based solution rerates our clients’ historical invoice data through all the relevant contract parameters of their new proposals. Once the totals are calculated, it’s easy to see which contract generated the least amount of cost. With this same system, we can change contract parameters on the fly, working with you to negotiate a new contract that has your best interests in mind.


What Types of Rates Can I Expect From Shipment Trackers?

Our ability to model your historical shipping data allows us to significantly reduce your spend in this ever-increasing, cost driven transportation industry. As an example, we helped a client with a $3.5MM annual spend secure rates that resulted in $307,000 in upside—an almost 9% cost reduction. Instead of absorbing the impact of January's near 5% general rate increase, this client will realize a 9% savings.


Let Us Find the Money for You

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