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A seasoned veteran of the small package industry was contemplating a way to help businesses find lost money on their shipping costs. “What if I started a company that monitored the on-time delivery of packages—looking for anything that was delivered late? What if I simply split the refund dollars that effort created with my clients?” Pondering these questions on a late-night drive home from a family vacation, Andy Swartz, a terminal manager for a major multinational delivery services company, believed he had a business-worthy concept in the making. That concept led to the creation of our company, Shipment Trackers, in 1999.

Today, Shipment Trackers is dedicated to our core mission: reducing our clients’ transportation spend by driving cost from their businesses. With our proven ability of finding the money—through service audit & recovery, freight cost optimization, business intelligence & analytics and contract consultation and audit—Shipment Trackers remains committed to our simple guarantee: No Savings, No Charge.

The Shipment Trackers team invites you to explore our history: 20 years looking back, shipping forward.

Looking Back: Overcoming Hurdles at the
Dawn of a New Millennium

Determining whether a next-day air shipment was delivered late is fairly straightforward, right? If a package isn’t delivered the day after it ships, it’s late. You can’t say the same about ground shipping, where transit times for packages range from one to five days. Determining whether a ground package delivery provider met its service commitment is much more difficult.

In its beginnings, Shipment Trackers faced several service challenges:

  • No automated research method to find late ground shipments existed
  • Considering both the amount of effort required to uncover a service failure and the limited amount of refund dollars they generated, scaling the business was a problem
  • In 1999, few people realized the untapped potential that the internet had. PCs were not in widespread use as they are today

Shipment Trackers went to work to solve these problems. Our team created a service that did the research to uncover late shipments, submitted the information needed to secure customers’ refunds, and only charged clients a 50/50 contingency fee after securing the refund.

The major multinational delivery services providers were also taking aggressive steps to thwart the work of Shipment Trackers. These providers introduced a clause into their on-time delivery guarantee language stating, at their sole discretion, that they may not honor a money-back guarantee if the request was made by, or information used to determine the package’s status was determined by, a third party other than the payer of the charges.

While many of our clients rallied against the money-back guarantee terms and conditions amended by these providers, some clients were not able to advocate for themselves. Shipment Trackers lost about a quarter of our client business during a single week. However, 20 years later, we continue to secure success and growth in spite of these challenges.


Shipping Forward: Auditing, Consulting, Modeling, and Reporting

Today, Shipment Trackers works with hundreds of businesses across a diverse range of industries. Service offerings include

  • Comprehensive service audits and package-level fiscal audits
  • Carrier invoice coding
  • Fiscal audit and payment programs
  • Cargo claims processing
  • Reporting and activity dashboard services
  • Data modeling
  • Carrier contract analysis and rate benchmarking
  • Specialized projects
  • Contract optimization

The challenges are new and many…but this is where our team and our tech make all the difference. For Shipment Trackers, our core values remain our company’s legacy We provide our customers unparalleled value by representing a bona fide, win-win experience: No Cost + No Commitment = No Risk

As we have eclipsed 20 years of business, Shipment Trackers has:

  • Pioneered the small package service auditing industry (seriously!)
  • Assembled a world-class team of employees
  • Developed a proprietary online invoice payment system
  • Been privileged to work with numerous clients across a wide range of service industries, from startups to the most recognizable household names

Shipping Forward into the Future

To remain successful, we strive to keep our core service offerings operating effortlessly and seamlessly in the background—essentially invisible to our clients. The current state of technology defines what those operations mean to our clients. Advancements in technology will always redefine everything—what is fast, what it means to be easy, and what is awesome.

At Shipment Trackers, we are continually renewing our commitment to be at the forefront of technology by setting the pace for the entire marketplace.


Let Us Find the Money for You.

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