Freight Cost Optimization

Right Rate, Right Now.

Using a single routing strategy across a broad shipping profile may not be the best way to maximize your freight dollars. At Shipment Trackers, we can help you develop and deploy a flexible approach to routing that better stretches your shrinking transportation budget. Utilizing our enterprises class TMS, posting your freight moves to an online load board, or simply enjoying our pre-existing carrier rate structure—even a blend of all three...can dramatically impact your bottom-line. Let our experienced team help you navigate this complicated process.


Our Rates, Your Savings.

We take one of the most unique approaches in the logistics industry to optimize our client’s LTL operations. We consider this offering a cornerstone, as the approach provides the greatest cost savings and an increase in our client’s operational efficiency. We help you gain complete control by:

  • Utilizing licensed, base-rate tariffs
  • Minimizing general rate increase
  • Managing accessorial charges
  • Analyzing vendor and lane volume
  • Reducing fuel surcharges
Male warehouse worker with a large box.

Full Truckload The Easy Way

Our full truckload optimization process consolidates all key aspects of this significant operation to help reduce any threats to smooth internal efficiencies. Our dedicated logistics experts work alongside you to help make this awareness part of your day-to-day. We offer:

  • Competitive bid process
  • Dynamic load tracking
  • Carrier and provider management
  • Route and load optimization

To TMS or Not to TMS… That Is The Question.

Scale Your Organization Dynamically
Our Transportation Management System (TMS) gives your business next-generation, cloud-
based solutions it needs to compete.

Manage All Modes of Transportation
Tap into the power of a unified TMS to manage all modes transportation, including FTL, LTL, parcel, air, ocean, rail, and intermodal.

Gain Greater Visibility Into Transport Activity
Relay shipment information “as it happens.” Know where your shipments are down to the pallet and piece-count level.

Stay Ahead Of Capacity Constraints
Find the carriers you need to cover your loads and move freight to destination.


Let Us Find the Money for You

Shipment Trackers performs most of our freight audits manually, which means we maintain a hands-on partnership with our client and the client’s carrier. We are in a well-qualified position to discuss changes in service and carrier performance, as well as assist our clients in managing last-minute invoice audits for payment and carrier pool additions.

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