5 Spooky Carrier Errors That Could be Costing You

It’s spooky season and if the thought of losing money on shipping and carrier costs frightens you, let the team at Shipment Trackers help. Our team of shipping specialists identifies and recovers bottom line value for clients’ transportation budgets. Today, we’re sharing some particularly scary carrier errors that could be sucking the life out of your shipping budget.

Error #1: Improper Dimensional Weight Adjustments
Carriers use the dimensional weight of a package to determine how much space a shipment takes up on their delivery truck. To determine the dimensional weight, carriers will take the volume of the box and apply a divider, which allows them to arrive at a theoretical weight. Since the theoretical weight and actual weight of the package are often different, when calculating shipping costs, the larger weight is applied. Therefore, improper measurements or calculated changes from your carriers during the shipping process could lead to significantly higher fees.

At Shipment Trackers, our team of logistics experts ensures the dimensional weight of packages are accurately calculated and classified, so you do not have to be frightened at the thought of your business losing money on shipping costs.

Error #2: Wrong Discount Applied
One common carrier error that costs businesses money is when the wrong discount is applied to their order. Many carrier contracts include tiered pricing, so it is important to monitor each invoice to ensure your company is being credited for the discounts for which you are eligible.

When you partner with the Shipment Trackers team, we review your carrier contracts to help target discounts that have the potential to save you money. Plus, by using our backend system and customer-facing Invoice Payment Module, our team can audit invoices to ensure correct discounts were applied before your business makes a payment.

Error #3: Improper Assessorial Charge
Accessorial charges are fees added to a freight bill for additional services the carrier provides during the shipping process. For example, if your goods are being shipped to a limited access area, such as a military base, school or construction site, additional charges may be applied because the destination will be more secure and may not have loading docks, posing increased delivery challenges. Because assessorial charges are often added after the fact, they are hard to predict and even harder to manually monitor and evaluate on invoices, which means your business could be losing money if they’re applied incorrectly.

The Shipment Tracker’s team helps you understand the assessorial charges applied to your invoices and ensures only the proper fees are charged. Plus, with over 145 years of combined experience, we can help you understand how to adjust your shipping patterns to cut down on assessorial charges in the future.

Error #4: Wrong Weight or Class
It is critical for businesses and carriers to understand shipping weight and class specifications. Applying the wrong weight or class for your shipment can lead to delayed delivery times costing your company big in applied charges.

To prevent stacked up fees and delays in delivery, the Shipment Trackers team helps ensure packages are correctly weighed and classified as well as optimizes processes to guarantee the shipment of your goods is successful and does not incur additional charges.

Error #5: Late Delivery Refunds
While changes to carrier commitments resulting from COVID-19 have eliminated the short-term opportunity to recapture late delivery refunds, it remains an area that can offer significant cost savings in the future if your packages aren’t arriving when they’re supposed to, especially if you’re paying for a guaranteed delivery timeline. It’s scary to think about paying extra money for a guaranteed delivery date and the shipment not arriving on time. Not only is your order arriving after it was promised, but you also lost money paying for a guarantee that didn’t happen.

If your UPS or FedEx shipment arrives late, even by a minute, the team at Shipment Trackers can help you get the refund you deserve.
By tracking delivery times, auditing invoices for incorrect charges and submitting a refund claim, Shipment Trackers can ensure UPS refunds and FedEx refunds are processed and recovered, putting money back onto your bottom line.

Don’t be Scared. This Spooky Story Has a Happy Ending.
Carrier errors occur, and it can be scary to think about the amount of money your company is losing by not knowing about or catching these mistakes. When working with Shipment Trackers, our team has an eye for the details and knows where to look for errors that may appear on your carrier contract or invoices to recover lost money for you.

Plus, when you partner with Shipment Trackers, there is NO FEE UNLESS WE FIND SAVINGS FOR YOU. What do you have to lose except the fear of paying too much? Connect with our team of shipping specialists today to learn more about our services and request your free shipping savings report to see how we can save you money!