Why is Pharmaceutical Transportation Tracking So Crucial?

Pharmaceuticals are among the most vulnerable products that we track. Picture this: There’s a woman standing in line at the local pharmacy waiting to pick up her pills for her life-sustaining medication, but the clerk has to let her know that they haven’t arrived yet. Clearly, this isn’t the same degree of importance as a late delivery on a customer’s clothing purchase; this situation is vital.

Not only are pharmaceuticals timely, they’re too expensive for trivial mistakes. Their shipping process requires very specific precautions and temperature arrangements that take proper training. The risks and factors that go into shipping pharmaceuticals creates a need for the utmost care for their shipping. Each step along the distribution train must be carefully monitored—and there are many handoffs to manage. Lacking proper management can result in a huge loss of revenue and reputation for everyone along the way, from manufacturers and distributors to us, the logistics providers!

Here are some tips that we find essential to shipping pharmaceuticals:

1. Make sure temperature control is maintained

From pickup through delivery, it’s imperative that the temperature is maintained, or the pharmaceuticals will be a loss. Cold-chain shipments require constant controlled refrigeration. Even a minor fluctuation of a degree or two can spoil a pharmaceutical.

There are manufacturer recommendations that include the details of shipping and storing, as well as the specific guidelines from the FDA. International shipments can include extra requirements. Shipment Trackers understands these demands and can make sure your products are maintaining the appropriate temperatures from transit to storage to delivery.

2. The entire process of your medical shipments should be tracked

It is essential that when transit interruptions occur, even if they’re beyond your control such as weather or customs delays, everyone involved can easily access all information on the location of the product, from provider to pharmacist to patient. It’s also important that there is protocol established for monitoring the temperature-sensitive package along the way.

Shipment Trackers’ proactive services take care of all of the tracking details through our online, interactive dashboard, assuring that your information is accessible to you at all times. Our goal is always to provide peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

3. Making sure your logistics provider knows the healthcare field

At Shipment Trackers, we have the experience in the healthcare field that’s critical when dealing with these sensitive medical shipments. Our highly trained personnel and efficient procedures minimize the risks associated with shipping these delicate products. From re-shipments to write-offs, these mistakes can add up quickly. We provide the expert assistance that’s needed for such a complex shipping system so that you can rest assured about your products.

To transport pharmaceuticals safely, a high level of expertise is required. Let professionals handle the details.  From the factory to the end of the delivery, we’re sure to track the integrity and quality of the product. Shipment Trackers understands the strict regulations of both the pharma and shipping industries, so we can even get you money back when there is malpractice regarding the procedures. We’re trained to get it right each time. You can read more about us here.