The World Is Your Customer with Shipment Trackers

How much are you really spending with FedEx, UPS, and freight carriers? If you haven’t examined your transportation spend lately, you may be missing opportunities to drive cost from your business. For more than 20 years, Shipment Trackers has helped clients reduce their transportation costs and bring savings to their bottom line.

Shipment Trackers: On Your Team, But Not Your Payroll
We get it...the demands of running your business are never ending. Managing your transportation spend isn’t something that always comes top of mind, but it nevertheless is something that businesses that do large amounts of shipping shouldn’t ignore. According to TTNews, in 2018, businesses spent $1.64 trillion on transportation and logistics services in the United States. This figure is an 11% increase from 2017, an increase attributed to companies realigning their supply chains in response to online sales growth and tight freight hauling capacity that are increasing shipping rates.

A 2019 report titled “Cresting the Hill” reveals the following for 2018 compared to 2017:

  • Motor carrier costs rose 10% to $668.8 billion.
  • Spending on full truckload transportation increased almost 8% to $296.1 billion.
  • Less-than-truckload transportation increased about 8.3% to $71.8 billion.
  • Private trucking and dedicated contract carriage fees increased 13.1% to $300.9 billion.
  • Parcel transportation grew 8.7% to $104.9 billion.
  • Airfreight increased by 9.2% to $76.5 billion.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that every dollar you can save on your transportation spend is a dollar that you can invest back into your business. Throughout our own years in business, we’ve analyzed thousands of UPS and FedEx shipping and invoice data for our clients. In doing so, we’ve helped “find the money” (such as refunds for late deliveries and surcharge corrections), improved contract rates, and gained unparalleled access to shipping data, patterns, and trends for our clients.

We like to say that we’re on your team but not on your payroll.

Data Delivered... Savings Secured

“Data delivered…Savings Secured.” Our tagline identifies the ongoing, client-specific initiatives we take to reduce your overall carrier spend and enhance your global logistic position. Shipment Trackers specializes in all aspects of gathering, appending, and managing your key shipment data so that we can help you better understand and control all the elements of your dynamic supply chain.

When we say “no recovery, no charge,” we mean it. We don’t surprise our clients with hidden costs on our service functions. Our fee is a portion of the savings we find—and we’re sharing the found money with you. We do the work; you receive the refund credits without cost to you.

On Your Team... Not Your Payroll

Shipment Trackers works on your team without being on your company’s payroll. We seamlessly collect UPS and FedEx shipping and invoice data for our clients to provide auditing, consulting, modeling, and reporting services.

We help:

  • Identify “found money” (refunds or late deliveries, surcharge corrections, service level optimization, lost shipments, etc.).
  • Improve contract rates for carriers via the national visibility and context we bring to our contract negotiations on behalf of our clients.
  • Provide business intelligence and analytics thanks to our unparalleled access to shipping data, patterns, and trends with our own proprietary technology.
  • Offer real savings to our clients. We’ve developed our business model to be 100% contingency driven. If we do not save you real money—that is, actual dollars—our service is free.

If you’ve debated whether you should outsource your shipment auditing, think about this: How many times does someone interview for a position at your business and tell you how much money you’ll save by hiring him or her? We’d guess it probably never happens. With Shipment Trackers, you get a team with more than 20 years of combined experience in the shipping industry with technology that can help find you savings.

Curious to learn more about what we do or have a question for one of our team members Reach out to us: let’s talk about ways to drive cost from your business and improve your transportation spend this year.