Shipping Trends of 2020

We’ve seen how quickly online shipping has taken off in recent years. In fact, experts have estimated online sales in 2020 to increase well into the trillions. At Shipment Trackers, we see that happening undoubtedly. With the way things are going, it’s more important than ever for shipping logistics and management services to improve. In 2020, businesses responsible for shipping must evolve in order to stay competitive and offer top-quality customer service.

Here are just three parcel shipping trends in 2020 so that you and your company can stay ahead of the game:

1. A Ton of International Shipping

By now, there are next to no limitations in the online marketplace; who to sell to and where your parcels can be delivered is open for opportunity. We live in a global economy and this has extended into a thriving, online community market of goods from all over the world. This presents businesses—from manufacturing to selling to shipping—chances to serve anywhere.

It also presents greater challenges and guidelines for shipping. This is why it’s crucial that your logistics provider knows all the details. Our team of audit professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of international shipping requirements, such as understanding customs entry and familiarity with free and foreign trade zones and in-bond warehousing. You can read more about our international services here.

2. An Increase in Shoppers’ Shipping Options

Just a few of the main things keeping consumers from shopping online are long shipping times, large shipping costs, and uncertainties about delivery. If retailers want to convert more shoppers to ecommerce, these are the areas of opportunities to address.

We believe that more options in shipping are still going to shift and mature. For example, the option for customers to actually wait longer to receive their parcel in exchange for a discount or some other incentive is on the rise. Some companies, such as FedEx, are agreeing to deliver on Sundays. There are many online retailers that offer free shipping as an incentive to buy from them. It’s important that your logistics team is up-to-date on these progresses.

3. New Choices in Delivery Locations

Retailers and other businesses are realizing that some consumers may not want to have their parcels delivered to their residential or commercial location. Maybe, they’re traveling and need to pick up their delivery on the way. The solution? Lockers, lockboxes, and pick up locations. Amazon, UPS, and FedEx are implementing this solution quickly and the prediction is that it will only increase in regularity. It’s imperative that we are able to track these systems in our online data analysis as well.

2020 is full of big changes—shipping and otherwise—and it’s the least we can do at Shipment Trackers to keep up with the new delivery locations, shipping options, and international shipping regulations so that your team doesn’t have to worry about it. Our promise to you, as the nation’s leading provider of service auditing solutions and parcel data management, is to know the details and find the money for you. See how we’re helping companies like yours secure savings. On your team, not your payroll!