Reducing the Cost of Your Single Parcel Package

As shipping carriers like FedEx and UPS continue to limitlessly increase shipping rates, we’re here for you. Our mission remains the same no matter what is happening in the shipping industry beyond your control: reduce your transportation spend and enhance your global logistic position. Our personal fees ONLY apply to the hard dollar savings we find. No recovery, no charge.

And still, it’s crucial that your business does whatever you can to help trim costs. An often overlooked place to start is with a single package. Though it seems miniscule, the costs of each package add up quickly and cut down your overall costs big time. Bonus points that it helps your impact on the environment.

We’re leaving some quick, easy tips for you to begin below:

1. Start With The Packaging

It goes without saying that larger boxes cost more money to ship, especially now with many carriers enforcing new dimensional (DIM) weight pricing. Even if the package is light despite its size, the space that it takes on the delivery truck matters too.

So what are some ways you can save on this aspect? Try switching from traditional shipping boxes to flat mailers or bags. Get creative with your packaging. You could even use recycled or once-used materials and boxes—and many mailers are made from 100% recycled material or compostable packaging, so you’ll help the environment AND your budget. Plus, reducing the size of the packaging reduces what you spend on shipping material for inside the box.

2. What’s Inside the Box?

This counts too! After you’ve decided on a smaller packaging option, take notice to what you’re packing inside the box with your products. Traditional methods such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and packing peanuts impact your budget big time (and the environment too). Plus, packaging materials like Styrofoam packing peanuts are slowly becoming less likely to be used, and in some cities even banned. It’s these kind of violations you want to be careful to avoid—as they definitely add an extra burden to your shipping budget. Can’t think of any other options to try? What about shredded paper, biodegradable packing peanuts, and biodegradable ‘plastic’ wrap, to name a few.

3. Check Your Process

After you rethink all of your packaging materials, take a moment to zoom out and examine the shipping process your business takes. Notice if things are being implemented as efficiently as possible, if everyone is properly trained and using the correct materials, and evaluate if any changes or automations could be made. It’s possible that the manual labor and time from your shipping process is also inflating costs.

At Shipment Trackers, we have automated systems that can greatly reduce your employee time and labor, as well as help you find the most effective shipment processes and methods, audit your shipment invoices, and so much more. We’ll help you save money, and even recover lost money for you. Check out any of the links above or request a free audit today and see how we can help.