Meet Jeff Newswanger: Business Intelligence Guru

When it comes to data sciences in the freight, logistics and parcel sectors, Jeff is the go-to guy. His focus on data flow into and through our ecosystem allows us to quickly identify and understand client trends, successes, and areas of opportunity. Using this information, clients receive insights that improve their shipping methods saving them valuable money.

He is also the resident specialist of our data dashboards. If you need data that’s easy to view, analyze and provides information you need to make informed decisions, Jeff is the one on your side helping your business fully customize an interactive dashboard that meets your specifications. Jeff also has an uncanny ability to break technical concepts down into language that’s easy to understand and process (not always an easy skill to master).

With a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Millersville University and a master’s degree in business intelligence and analytics from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jeff is the master for all things data at Shipment Trackers. In his role as manager of business intelligence, Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge to the design and development of databases and data warehouses, extract, transform, load (ETL) and automated processes as well as internal and external analytics and reporting.

Before joining Shipment Trackers, Jeff held a variety of positions. Starting in finance doing trade promotion analytics, he quickly worked his way up to a business intelligence developer. Using this experience, Jeff has helped Shipment Trackers build new tracking and automation systems as well as operational database systems to better serve our clients and find ways to save them money.

To get to know Jeff better outside of his role at Shipment Trackers, we asked him some tough (and fun) questions. See what he had to say!

What is your favorite part about working at Shipment Trackers?

Jeff: Although we are working with parcel and freight data that is standard, we work for diverse clientele that have their own unique concerns. For example, a client in the pharmaceutical industry may ship medication with a large probability for being dimensionalized and charged a much higher weight. We also work with clients who ship car parts and are experiencing additional handling costs, so our role is to help them understand how to best position for the future. There is never a shortage of questions across a vast array of issues and I enjoy getting to know each business and their intricacies.

What work-related accomplishment are you most proud of?

Jeff: I am most proud of revamping Shipment Trackers systems. In my time here, we have built new tracking/automation systems as well as operational database systems to better position ourselves to serve our clients to the best of our ability. It is rewarding to see the advances that my team has been able to accomplish.

Where was your very first job?

Jeff: I'll go back to my first paying job for this one. My dad, brother and I were into hunting and shooting sports. We would shoot trap on Wednesday and Sundays. When I was not shooting, I was a trap boy placing clay birds onto the launcher in a cement bunker. I spent hours in solitude with a launcher and a boombox playing cassettes of Metallica, Firehouse and Foreigner.

If you could hop on a plane within the hour, where would you go?

Jeff: Although my family and I enjoy tropical places and I could easily go to the Caribbean, I would have to say I would book a full tour of WWII and hit the European Theater. I am not a huge history buff, but I am interested in WWII and feel we owe a huge debt to that generation. It is unfathomable to me some of the sacrifices that were made during that time.

What is your favorite show to binge watch?

Jeff: I enjoyed watching Sons of Anarchy. I like shows that focus on criminal organizations and true detective stories. I could easily binge watch Ganglands or The First 48 as well, but with two children I cannot have that on the TV too much.

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