Meet Annette Carl: Audit & Compliance Connoisseur

The team is what sets Shipment Trackers apart. Their experience, depth of knowledge and personal commitment to delivering exceptional service fuels their passion to identify and recover bottom line value for their client’s shipping and transportation budgets.

When it comes to shipping audit and carrier compliance, Annette is the master of cost reduction. Her focus on digging into the details to truly understand and evaluate carrier contracts against service and billing is unmatched. She’s also the resident specialist on international trade, so if you’re shipping around the world, Annette is the one to have on your side.

In her role as Manager of Audit and Compliance, Annette brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive experience. Growing up, Annette’s father owned a customs brokerage/freight forwarding company and her first job was as a messenger for the firm. Annette knew early on the supply chain/transportation logistics industry was where she wanted to be, so after graduating from Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business, she learned all she could through on-the-job experience.

Before joining Shipment Trackers, Annette held a variety of positions including supply chain analyst at Armstrong World Industries, the account credit and collections specialist at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, and was the manager of transportation and international logistics at Universal Leaf Tobacco Co. Annette’s diverse experiences have allowed her to gain considerable knowledge of transportation logistics in the agricultural, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, service, and warehousing industries.

At Shipment Trackers, Annette’s specialty focus is on international shipping, international freight, and international tariffs. By interpreting carrier contracts; identifying duplicate invoices, invalid charges, erroneous fees, and billing errors on carrier invoices; and obtaining adjusted invoices or credits to significantly reduce client’s domestic and international transportation spend, Annette helps lead our team in finding and recovering money for clients.

To get to know Annette better outside of her role at Shipment Trackers, we asked her some tough (and fun) questions. See what she had to say!

What is your favorite part about working at Shipment Trackers?
Annette: Since we have a cohesive work environment, each department can rely on the other to get the job done. If a client needs help or requests something that falls outside my department's "usual,” I can take the task on with confidence and complete it with the help of my colleagues. It is satisfying to know that almost anything is possible because we have the combined knowledge to help in nearly any situation.

What work-related accomplishment are you most proud of?
Annette: I am proud of creating the Audit & Compliance Division at Shipment Trackers. More importantly, I am proud of how we have grown and our flexibility to move effectively in multiple directions. Our clients represent almost every area of industry - pharma, aeronautics, textiles, and everything in between. We are not a "one size fits all" organization. Each client and industry have at least one unique attribute that we manage with efficiency.

What is the best piece of career advice you have ever received?
Annette: Always be honest, share what you know, and you will learn twice as much.

What is one hobby you would love to get into?
Annette: I love history! I would love to join a historical society to research and learn more about the local area.

picture of Grizz the dog
Annette is also an animal lover and her constant companion and best friend, Grizz, is a rescue Burmese, Rottweiler, Lab mix who tags along wherever she goes.

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