Better Data for Bigger Savings: Making the Most of Your Shipping Analytics

When it comes to managing the efficiency and effectiveness of your shipping and transportation budget, the power is in the data. By having visibility into your shipping patterns and spends, it becomes much easier to spot trends and identify opportunities. From helping identify areas to boost bottom line savings to delivering insights to improve customer service, the right data can fuel gains across departments.

The Challenge: A Mountain of Data
Getting solid visibility into your company’s shipping data may seem like a daunting task. If you are manually processing and paying invoices; working with multiple business units or locations; and/or using multiple carriers, the data may be scattered across reports and departments.

The Solution: Shipment Trackers Powerhouse Analytics
Gathering data doesn’t have to involve manually sifting through mountains of invoices and mapping out insights across carriers. Shipment Trackers’ powerhouse shipping analytics dashboards put you in control over your shipping analytics, allowing you to easily filter, sort and evaluate your shipping data.

The Payoff: Save Money and Team Time
Having the ability to readily monitor, parse and manage your shipping and transportation data can deliver tremendous bottom-line savings and the right solution can actually save your team time by removing manual processes. The right data and reports can increase visibility into key areas such as:

  • Visibility into Carrier Performance
    Contract Analysis dashboardImagine having a seamless way to confirm your carriers are honoring contracts including giving you the proper rates and service delivery and holding up their end of the deal. How about a central dashboard to ensure your transportation carriers aren’t adding improper fees or charging for a service like guaranteed delivery that isn’t being fulfilled? Shipment Trackers can create custom dashboards that give you all of that information and more, putting carrier performance data at your fingertips.
  • Seamless Service-Level & Zone Analysis
    Carrier metrics dashboards screen shotToo often, choosing the wrong option when preparing a package for shipment can lead to unnecessary inflations in shipping costs. When you have the ability to monitor key shipping stats like your average cost per package, weight by zone analysis and package counts across service levels and zones, it becomes easier to spot the areas that could benefit from changes. Shipment Trackers data visualization tools deliver hundreds of data points through easy-to-view tables, charts, maps and models (such as mean comparison and correlation regression analysis). Clickable icons, filters, and customizable parameters allow you to parse and evaluate your shipping data with ease.
  • Spotting Improper Surcharges and Fees
    accessorial charges screen shotFuel, residential delivery, Saturday pickup, re-label charges, address corrections, oversize charge, the list of accessorial charges that might be being applied to your shipments goes on and on. If these are scattered across invoices and not monitored in a central location, it could be easy to miss incorrectly applied fees or spot the areas draining your budget. With Shipment Trackers’ central transportation analytics and business insights, you can drill down into the fees bogging down your budget to spot improperly applied fees and/or determine if changes in the way you ship could lead to major savings.

Savings in Action: Fulfillment Works
Fulfillment Works, LLCFocused on increasing delivery reliability and improving customer service, Fulfillment Works was seeking a solution to identify and flag packages that stalled following preparation for shipping. Shipment Trackers created a custom dashboard that automatically flagged a shipment if it didn’t move for three days following creation of the shipping label/manifest. The system flagged a package if there was no intake scan within the designated time period and alerted the Fulfillment Works team so they could investigate and immediately initiate next steps to get inventory out to customers. The dashboard provided greater visibility into package movement and supported a trend in reducing late deliveries.

“This is long overdue but a huge thank you for the amazing tracking system you built for us! It is working great and has really helped at so many levels! It’s a huge comfort to know that we have such a great partner in Shipment Trackers – we had such a complex challenge on our hands and you guys produced a solution that is over the top! Please accept our massive thanks and know how much we value our partnership with you!”
Amy Cooper, Co-Founder CEO
Fulfillment Works

Ready to Dig into the Data? We Can Help!
If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities to streamline and manage your shipping and transportation, reach out to the team. We would love the opportunity to share a demo of our client dashboards and discuss the analytics options that will best fit your company’s goals. Our solutions are fully customizable, there are no long-term contracts, and we make setup a breeze. Get in touch with our shipping specialists to find out more.